#1 How do I get started? +

If you are a registered carrier in the US or Canada and have your own MC or DOT number, just click here and sign up to get loaded. As soon as you have created a profile and we have verified your account, you can browse for loads and win your first contract – all in under 48 hours.

If you drive for a carrier, please ask your carrier to sign up with Go99 and fill your empty miles!

#2 How does the Go99 App work? +

The Go99 app is free and available in the App Store and Google Play Store. You must sign up before you can start to use the app. The Go99 app lists loads that you can quote right from your phone. The price you quote is an “all-in” that the Shipper sees and should include all your costs. When you win, the load is confirmed for you, so please only book loads that you are willing and able to take.

#3 What kind of freight are you moving? +

We have started with plenty of Full Truck Loads for flat-deck and dry-van but that list is growing every week. Keep your eyes peeled for Reefer / Roll-tite / SuperB and RGN.

#4 Where is all the freight? +

We started in Pacific Northwest and Western Canada, but have steady lanes along the Pacific Coast, across the country through the central states and east-west across Canada and the USA. Loads get added every day, so keep checking for opportunity in your favorite lanes.

#5 What if there are problems? +

We have a 24/7 support team based in the US and Canada – we understand your problems, speak your language and are on your side to get them solved! Call us on 1-888-988-1099 or email anytime.


#1 What is Go99 and how does it work? +

Go99 is the leading unbiased and independent digital freight matching marketplace. You just click to submit a quote directly to the shipper, get assigned the load and get Paid-Next-Day for deliveries in good order. You see what shippers pay.

All our loads are exclusive and available for a limited time through our trusted relationships with Shippers. Sign up and download our free app then start moving freight almost immediately.

#2 Why should I sign up? +

Go99 Empowers Carriers – we are in it for you, focussed on bringing transparency, respect and efficiency to the transportation industry. You are responsible for your own reputation and control direct communication with your clients – no more middlemen.

We are in it for the Long Haul: We are fully committed to the sector, with a long trucking history and wealth of industry experience which has allowed us to build a product you will like using. Our teams and systems are consistently reliable and all work to help you provide the same to your customers.

Industry efficiency is our shared goal: let’s all aim to remove trucking challenges (empty miles, downtime, bad loads, etc…) – we will connect you with the loads you want, the lanes you like, when it suits you!

#3 What does Go99 do about accessorial charges? +

Like you, we don’t like unexpected charges – so we don’t allow them! Everything must be clear and explained upfront. The quote that Carriers submit is all-in and that’s what the Shipper will pay. You define your own detention charges that the Shipper will agree to upfront, so when things go wrong everyone knows who is responsible – no more hassles!

#4 How do I sign up? +

Same as above…

#5 What information does Go99 need? +

We try and keep things simple – we find that’s the best way…

  • Active NSC / DOT / MC Number
  • Bank Account Information – so we can pay you Next Business Day through direct deposit
  • Photo or Electronic Copy of Certificate of Insurance
  • Photo or Electronic Copy of W-9 Form
#6 When do I get paid? +

Go99 will Pay-Next-Day for all loads delivered in good order and meeting the requirements of the load.


#1 What is Go99 and how does it work? +

You are a smart shipper and need to move product and material fast and efficiently! With Go99 you get to see real quotes directly from Carriers and Owner Operators, check on the qualifications and certification of drivers, and track each one of your loads in real-time.

We are committed to supporting your most vulnerable point: a sustainable surface transport supply chain that’s powerful, transparent and efficient.

#2 How do I sign up? +

Same as above…

#3 How do I get a quote for my freight? +

It is very easy to post a load. All you need is to note your origin, destination, pick-up and delivery dates, load details and dimensions. If special instructions are required, that’s easy to include too.

#4 What kind of trucking capacity will you see on Go99? +

We are currently supporting all flat-decks and dry-vans. With more Shippers registering every day, the range of carriers we require is expanding too. The common trailer types usually include: Flatdeck/Dry Van/Reefer to more specialized like Roll-tite/SuperB/RGN

#5 How far in advance can I get a quote? +

You can post your load today for shipment within hours, or you can post it weeks in advance to take full advantage of the time to get great quotes.

#6 What Carrier verification takes place? +

All carriers get screened by our full-time team based in North America. With full transparency, you can review the candidate carrier profiles for their insurance documents, DoT/MC/NSC, certifications and permits, as well as their feedback and track record within the Go99 community.