Go99 heads to #GATS

The Team is headed to #GATS in Dallas next week – and will be hosting at booth #9018. Come join us and learn about “Digital Freight Matching” and how the App on your phone can impact your #Freight and business.

Business Development Team in Action – Next stop: Dallas Texas!

The fact is that logistics and supply-chain is changing as technology pushes into every opportunity with efficiency and power. In many cases these new technologies improve communication and level of service that is demanded by modern Shippers in the new gig-economy.

This is where Go99 has created value – by putting “invisible” technology in front of Professional Drivers, they can continue to conduct their business through their phone (possibly with less or more efficient talking) and at the same time Shippers will benefit from the high-fidelity data that our platform provides them: real-time location services of their loads, visibility to who is driving for them, direct communication with the driver (not a middleman) and market pricing from a massive community of Professional Drivers.

If you are interested in getting on board early, before this little wave becomes a tsunami and wipes some operators out, head over to www.go99.com and get registered.

Alternatively, we have a team of power-admins who can help you through the most complicated scenarios you can imagine – call them on 888-988-1099 now!