Go99 wins on tradeshow tour

This summer has been hectic – we have been very busy this summer hitting all the #Logistics and #Supplychain Tradeshows, as well as the #Trucking Shows and the Show-n-Shine days we all love so much.

Our next stop is #GATS (Great American Truck Show) in Dallas, TX – and what a show it will be! You can anticipate having a great time with us as your hosts – swing by and see us anytime, or feel free to reach out to us on 888-988-1099 to set up a meeting.

We are hosting a booth at GATS this year – see you there!

On more than one occasion we have been awarded with “Best in Show”, not for a sexy truck (there were plenty of those) but for offering #Truckers and their customers the Best Platform to conduct their business on – the Go99 Digital Freight Matching Marketplace! Check it out at www.go99.com or call us on 888-988-1099.
We are looking forward to hearing from you soon…