Trucking disrupter invited to speak at Cargo Logistics Show

Go99 Invited to Present on how Technology Impacts Supply Chain

New technologies are either currently permeating the transport and logistics sectors – How will this technology impact your business operations?

Vancouver, British Columbia: Go99 Operations Ltd has been quietly building an army of supporters across Canada and North America – Shippers and Carriers are joining the platform and voting with their feet for Transparency and Control.

As one of Canada’s leaders in platform technology, Go99 has been invited to speak at the 2018 Cargo Logistics Canada Annual Expo + Conference.  This is meaningful, since Cargo Logistics Canada is the largest logistics event in Canada and largest multi-modal show in North America.

The subject matter of this conference is relevant to all business with a supply-chain. Whether inbound, outbound or both, your supply chain’s Transparency is likely the greatest liability to your business’s sustainability through the next decade.

The presentation will cover topics from Blockchain to BigData, from Robotics to Autonomous vehicles, and Drones to “Digital Freight Matching“.

The highlights will be as follows:

  • Over 10% fully autonomous vehicles by 2025
  • Robotics and Automation will be a $67B market by 2025
  • Drone sales will grow 1,800% from 150k in 2017 to 2.7M in 2025
  • Internet enabled devices (IoT) will see 35% growth between 2017 and 2019

Join other people in the know: Register here and sign up for Session W03 – TECHNOLOGY AND THE SUPPLY CHAIN on Wednesday 7 February. Hear from Devlin Fenton CEO at Go99, Omer Rashid Senior Director at DHL, Pat Campbell Executive Director at Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council and Corrie Banks Director of Logistics at Cando Rail Services.

Go99 On-Demand Cargo Logistics UberTrucking App working in convoy with owner operators and shippers
The major issues facing TRUCKING as an industry from the inside. -Go99

About Go99:

Go99 is Canada’s fastest growing digital freight matching platform launched by Vancouver BC based Surespan Digital in November 2016. The online marketplace App is free, open and transparent, empowering Independent Truck Drivers to run their businesses with confidence, control and freedom. Shippers benefit from true transparency, direct access to high-rated Drivers and their unadulterated pricing. Net result: no middlemen means increased profit for Drivers and true transparency and efficiency for shippers.

About Devlin Fenton:

The CEO of Go99 has two decades of entrepreneurial experience in a variety of industries; from heavy equipment and industrial moving to heavy civil construction, from healthcare services to information technology. Now happily residing in Vancouver BC, he leads an exceptional team of technologists and business operators with the singular intent of building a Platform that Empowers Professional Truck Drivers and at the same time raises the quality of service and experience that Shippers demand in the modern gig-economy.