The Go99 web and mobile App provides big benefits and killer features and don’t just listen to us:


Clay Peters - Owner-Operator

Trust and Promises

I love getting Next-Day-Pay, and these guys keep their promises.

Reputation is huge in this business, and I get to manage my own – that’s cool. I get the feedback I deserve for great service, and I can differentiate myself from the herd.

I trust Go99 to pay me everything that I am owed, without recourse, every time – it’s awesome.

Jayne Prentice - Owner-Operator

Pricing and Transparency

Now I see what the Shipper pays. All-in pricing is revolutionary, no more hassles with extra charges.

I also know how much Go99 gets – it’s there for everyone to see. The Transparency has changed how I quote, and while my pricing is cheaper, I am making more money per mile.

One click quoting on freight that suits my schedule.

Keith Davids - Owner-Operator

Control my Business

I get to pick the loads I want, in the lanes I choose, at the rates that I deserve.

As a lease-operator, I picked what I was told to, on a schedule that suited someone else, and had to be happy with whatever price I was given. That’s not easy when you’re trying to run a business and be a good husband and dad.

The Go99 App empowers me to run my operation with efficiency and control – I love it!


Govinder Singh - Distribution Centre

Simple and Easy

I get high quality quotes quickly and can now manage my freight easily.

The Go99 App has a really innovative pricing engine – I pick the best rates when I post and select the best service providers by checking their profiles.

I can trust a platform that consistently gets my loads moved on schedule and on budget!

Philip Jessen - Manufacturer

Quick and efficient

Our manufacturing schedules are dynamic and often require “Just-In-Time” delivery – we need to be nimble.

We find the web and mobile App intuitive and easy to use. Equally important, the support team from Go99 is really pro-active and helpful.

Our inbound and outbound logistics is simple, and now so much more efficient with complete visibility throughout.

Dominic Prout - General Contractor

Control and Communication

I could never trust brokers and dispatchers when trying to locate my loads – really frustrating.

Now, I talk directly to the driver, no middlemen – this means it is easier to control schedules for both picks and deliveries.

This control means I can react quickly to changes, maybe delays or breakdowns, and keep the driver fully in the loop. Complete transparency and complete control.