Why Truckers use Go99 Freight App

The number of platforms for commercial transportation are increasing and entering the market in the Americas, Europe and in Asia as freight app platforms.
The solutions appear to be positioned into three offerings; (i) Shipper-centric platforms making carrier capacity available and instant, or near-instant, matching with available carriers based on pre-contracted rates and services, (ii) Carrier-centric platforms aggregating loads in the form of a curated list of business opportunities, with pre-contacted rates; and (iii) Simplistic broker-centric digital “load boards” providing a platform for middlemen to peddle their services.

Here’s how you benefit with the Go99 Freight App:

For the Owner-Operator Truck Driver:

#1 | Next-Day-Pay

  • Cash in your Jeans for all loads “delivered in good order”
  • This is not “payday loan” or “cash advance”
  • Competition? How can they beat Cash in your Jeans?

#2 | Transparency

  • See what Shippers Pay right in the Freight App
  • No more middleman taking profits and muddying the water
  • We stay out of it – less complications, better communication

#3 | More Work

  • Find Lanes you want, Rates you deserve, and Schedule you like!
  • Easy to search freight app Marketplace
  • More loaded miles

#4 | Freedom

  • Take control of your Schedule – we respect your time, you should too
  • Pick loads that suit your needs and preferences
  • Get home to see your kid’s Christmas Concert, hockey game, dance recital
  • Take a vacation without losing credibility

Go99 freight app for truckers uber for trucking in convoy with owner operators

Other benefits for the Independent Owner-Opertor:

#5 | Office Support

  • We do all invoicing and collections
  • You do what you love doing – Driving!
  • Collecting BOLs & Information then generating an invoice
  • Phone calls and emails; stressful collections on amounts owing

#6 | Paperwork Control

  • No more sloppiness and excuses (the dog ate my paperwork)
  • From quotes to BOLs to invoices and receipts – all in one place
  • Filing, processing, collecting and submitting
  • Time is money, fast paperwork equals more money

#7 | Level Playing Field

  • No disadvantages to being a small or independent driver
  • The App provides the power of scale to the smallest of truckers
  • Compete with the power of a large trucking company
  • Don’t be excluded from the “Gravy” jobs

#8 | Unbiased and Clear

  • Objective and not represented by 3rd party
  • Honest quotes and pricing right in the freight app
  • No middlemen messing with your reputation
  • You see all the details, no hidden fees or extenuating circumstances

#9 | Payment Processing

  • Deal with a single payment processor for all
  • Simple consistent invoices and collections process from single point – Go99™
  • You don’t need to manage multiple contact points
  • One department to get your pay

#10 | Dispute Management

  • The App has all the tools to independently track and manage disputes
  • No more middlemen muddying the waters on time penalties and damages
  • All the info, contacts and photos from every dispute in one spot
  • Being able to connect directly means more Cash in your Jeans

#11 | Subscriptions Deleted & No Hidden Fees

  • This app replaces all subscriptions to load boards and other lead generators
  • Service Fee and Access costs are Upfront and Center
  • Better handle on your Business Operating Costs
  • No costs without guaranteed Cash

Go99 freight app for truckers uber for trucking in convoy with owner operators

#12 | Freight App Marketplace overview – Go99™ Levels the playing field for you, the Trucker.