Uber for Trucking Disruptor Go99 Unveils Latest App Version – Open To U.S. Users

Go99, the digital freight matching marketplace, expands user capabilities and is now available to U.S. shippers and carriers

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – Tech startup, Go99, has been quietly building a smart phone and web-based platform to directly connect shippers with carriers. Named after the ‘Citizen Band (CB)’ radio code “10-99” to indicate ‘goods delivered in good order’ or ‘mission accomplished’, this ingenious marketplace is disrupting an industry historically transacted via brokers and middlemen. Unique about this startup is that it has grown out of the industry, backed by a civil construction company and not a Silicon Valley tech firm. Go99’s team has real-world experience in the freight industry and knows it well. Since launching this “Uber Trucking” App in the App Stores in April of 2017, Go99 has built relationships with thousands of carriers and shippers focused in the Pacific North-West.

With Vancouver-based developers using software release names inspired by the local mountains, the Go99™ App and platform has been operating flawlessly. This reputation has attracted interest from across North America, so Go99 is using insights gained from user feedback to roll out an updated version of the platform. The new release allows U.S. shippers and carriers to join the community, increases transparency between parties and streamlines processes for posting and assigning loads, submitting quotes and getting paid.

This version update

Go99 - Canada's uber trucking freight App
Go99 is responding to early user feedback and suggestions. Besides a more  streamlined look and feel of the marketplace, the new version of the Go99™ App contains these improvements:

  • U.S. based shippers and carriers are now able to join the Go99 marketplace
  • Extended selection of equipment and trailer types to serve a larger variety of freight requests
  • In-App calculations for Next-Day-Pay quotes

For more information, or to secure an interview with Go99’s founder, Devlin Fenton, please contact the Press Team at admin@go99.ca or call (604) 729-6612

About Go99: Go99 is Canada’s fastest growing, digital freight-matching platform. It was launched by Vancouver-based Surespan Digital in November 2016. The online marketplace App is free, open and transparent, empowering owner-operator truck drivers to run their businesses with independence, flexibility, control and freedom. Shippers benefit from true transparency, real-time load location, direct access to high-rated drivers and their real pricing. “No middlemen” means increased profit for drivers and true transparency and efficiency for shippers. The App is available on iOS and Android.

About Devlin Fenton: The CEO of Go99 has two decades of entrepreneurial experience in a variety of industries; from heavy equipment and industrial moving to heavy civil construction, from healthcare services to information technology. Now happily residing in Vancouver B.C., he leads an exceptional team of technologists and business operators with the singular intent of building a platform that empowers professional truck drivers and raises the quality of service and that shippers demand in the modern gig-economy.

For the Owner-Operator Truck Driver:

#1 | Next-Day-Pay

  • Cash in your Jeans for all loads “delivered in good order”
  • This is not “payday loan” or “cash advance”
  • Competition? How can they beat Cash in your Jeans?

#2 | Transparency

  • See what Shippers Pay
  • No more middleman taking profits and muddying the water
  • We stay out of it – less complications, better communication

#3 | More Work

  • Find Lanes you want, Rates you deserve, and Schedule you like!
  • Easy to search Marketplace
  • More loaded miles

For modern Sophisticated and Demanding Shippers:

#1 | Visibility

  • Real-time load location tracking
  • See real-time spot pricing work for you
  • See profiles of who you deal with

#2 | Transparency

  • Get prices directky from Shippers, no middlemen
  • Organize and control your un/loading for maximum efficiency
  • See your Driver’s profile, their reputation, skills and documentation

#3 | Communication

  • Communicate directly with the driver (we stay out of it)
  • Get your message across; No more middlemen muddying the waters.
Go99’s “Uber Trucking” is not like other platforms.

How does Go99’s NextDayPay work?

There a lot different about Go99’s “Uber Trucking”.

The Digital Freight Matching Revolution is under way, and Go99’s Uber rucking is ahead.